Tuesday, March 30, 2010

festival of flowers.

every year, mobile has their annual festival of flowers. organizations and businesses from the area come together and display arrangements, sculptures, and demonstrations all about flowers and plants. my grandmother has been participating for as long as i can remember.. and probably before that! i went with her this year to help set up her arrangement and couldn't resist taking photos of some of the amazing creations.

[disclaimer: these photos were taken with my iphone. don't judge.]

one of the organizations made sculptures based on popular children's books. this is the alice in wonderland display.

i was so amazed by these beautiful dresses made completely from flowers and leaves. i would so wear that wedding dress. and the pink one reminds me of something straight out of a disney movie. [you knew i couldn't go a whole blog post without mentioning disney.]

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  1. you've given me a very lovely reason to visti Mobile! I'd love to come to this Flower Festival:) The pink dress is so amazing and your photos are great, they don't even look "i-phonish"


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