Thursday, April 22, 2010

the beans have been spilled.

for about six months, i've been a contributing writer on the blog, indie icing. i write a weekly post (on wednesdays) about some of my favorite handmade goodies.

recently, jessica (the fabulous editor-in-chief) decided to step down from her leading role and focus on her other projects.. including the i heart handmade market and her personal blog, bloomerie. i, for one, didn't want to see indie icing go by the wayside, so i volunteered to step up and take the job! it's a wonderful opportunity for me, and i'm beyond excited to continue what jessica started and grow her amazing blog even more! its grown from around 70 followers when i started writing to almost 300, so i think it's definitely on the right track!

so check me out as the new editor-in-chief over at indie icing (along with my wonderful guest writers, robin and alison), and come see what handmade goodness we find for you every day!


  1. How exciting! Good luck in your new role. Indie Icing is beautiful, and I'm thrilled that you were committed to keeping it going--thank you! :)

  2. Thanks so much for keeping indie icing going! Congrats, congrats!

  3. Oh how fun!! Congrats- that is so exciting!

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