Thursday, April 8, 2010

long weekend + possibilities.

sometimes, a long weekend and a little spontaneity is all you need to gain a little perspective and a lot of inner peace.

i love what i do. i make things that make me happy. i make things that make other people happy. but sometimes, i need a break.. and a reality check. i'll be the first to admit that, right now, business isn't great. if every month had continued to be like november and december, i could have made a living off of this. but that's just not the reality of the situation.

granted, i don't pay rent since i live with my parents.. but it would be nice to have a little extra spending money every now and then, which i haven't had the luxury of lately. i'm not one to go splurge the second i make some dough, but i honestly can't even tell you the last time i went shopping.

the reason i love etsy so much is because i don't have to force my products on anyone. anybody that knows me can tell you that i'm just not a salesperson. if you like what i make, buy it. if not, that's okay too.

i've sat back for a long time and just kind of let the sales roll in. i've been lucky with some blog features, front page spots, and etsy finds emails. i'm starting to realize now that i need to be more aggressive. i need to be a salesperson. i need to get my name out there. i need to stop being lazy and complacent. i'm happy with my life, but i want more.

recently, i've been handed an amazing opportunity. i can't reveal it quite yet, since it's not mine to reveal, but i'm beyond excited about it. it's a step in the right direction for the type of business-lady i want to be.

stay tuned, people. i'm just getting started. :)

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